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Why Choose Taring (Asphalt)? 

Having your driveway tarred not only adds value to your property but also makes your driveway durable, whether commercial property or domestic, no driveway is too big or small for us; we can resurface them all. 

Unlike regular paving, a steep driveway that is tarred can withhold all weather conditions.

We only use the best quality materials ensuring the driveway will look good and is durable as we only use top quality materials.

Our Services in East London

We offer the following tarring services:

  • Industrial
  • Domestic residential
  • Parking areas
  • Pothole repairs
  • Speed bump installation

Quotes and measurements in East London

Get your cost estimate today, at Tar Surfacing Pros. Fill in the form online and we will give you a no charge cost estimate and exact measurement at your home or commercial premises. We are available in all suburbs in and around East London including: 

Amanda Glen | Belhar | Bellair | Beroma | Bloemhof | Blommendal | Blomtuin | Bosbell | Boston | Chrismar | De la Haye | Door de Kraal | Eversdal Glenhaven | Greenlands | Groenvallei | Heemstede | Hoheizen | Kanonberg | Kenridge | La Rochelle | Labiance | Loevenstein | Mimosa | Oakdale | Oakglen | Oude Westhof | Protea Valley | Ridgeworth | Rosendal | Stellenberg | Stellenridge | Stellenryk | Stikland | Tygerberg HillsLoevenstein | Mimosa | Oakdale | Oakglen | Oude Westhof | Protea Valley | Ridgeworth | Rosendal | Stellenberg | Stellenridge | Stellenryk | Stikland | Tygerberg Hills.

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Tar Surfacing Options

Tar surfacing in East London can be applied to a range of different applications

Industrial and Commercial Drivewways

A well tarred industrial driveway can improve the usability and reduce wear and tear on your vehicles and trucks. We always use the best materials and processes to ensure a top-quality tarred driveway in East London for your industrial property according to strict specifications that can take the high volume and weight of commercial vehicles. 

Tar Driveways for residential

Having your driveway tarred in East London will not only increase the value of your property it will also create a good first impression of your home. Tar driveways are great for long driveways to homes or driveways with slopes that are steep. Tar is great for rainwater runoff and lasts a long time.

Tarred Parking Lots

Your local Tar Surfacing Pro agent can manage tarred parking lots, for a variety of enterprises whether big or small, and you can rest assured that it will look professional once we are done. 

Tar Surfacing Pro teams can not only tar a new parking lot but can also resurface an existing parking lot. Parking lots for a factory, petrol station, shopping centre, or complex.

Pot Hole Repairs

Potholes need to be repaired regularly, if left it leads to more damage which would then be costly. Our team can attend to tarring pothole repairs and cracks with ease, we only use top quality materials.

Tar Speedbump Installation

Not only do we tar driveways we also install speed bumps, there are some areas that need a speed bump to reduce traffic speed. Speed bumps are normally installed near hospitals, schools, and shopping malls.

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Is driveway tarring better than driveway paving?

Tarring/Asphalt Driveway vs. Paving 

Tarring/Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt is often utilized for roads and highways because of its durability and flatness. Cracks do form as a consequence of weather conditions owing to contractions and expansion; however, tarred surfaces are not as visually appealing and may persist for decades.


Paving slabs are more attractive since they are available in a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes including hexagonal, square, and triangular shapes. They are often utilized as a walkway between your house and the sidewalk or garden pavement. Weeds do tend to grow in between the cracks of the paving slabs causing the pavers to weaken and eventually will need to be replaced when they crack.

Is driveway tarring expensive?
The cost of driveway tarring is cheaper than paving because fewer materials are used and minimum labour.
Are Tarred driveways durable?
Tarred surfaces will last longer than paved surfaces as we use durable top-quality materials.
Do tarred surfaces need maintenance?
Paving is not as durable as tarring and needs to be replaced now and again unlike tarring which is much cheaper to rejuvenate.
Does tarring look as good as paving?
Although paving comes in a range of patterns and colours, a tarred driveway can look just as attractive with added features, such as concrete pot plants or curbs.
How long will tar resurfacing last?
Tar resurfacing can extend the lifespan of your driveway by a further 8 to 15 years
"Very neat job and it turned out to be more affordable than the other alternatives in East London"
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